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EMDR Consultation

Emire Olmeztoprak, LMFT, LCADC, EMDRIA Certified therapist, is an EMDRIA Consultant in Training, under the mentorship of EMDRIA approved consultant Stacy Eggsware. A consultant in training can provide up  to 15 hours of consultation towards EMDRIA certification.

Consultation is offered in a group or individual format. All consultation is held virtually via Zoom. My approach to consultation is to be in the role of a coach or mentor. When in group consultation, I encourage consultees to participate and offer their insight into the discussions.

According to EMDRIA requirements, the maximum group size for EMDRIA Certification consultation is 8 consultees. EMDRIA permits 10 of the 20 required consultation hours to be completed in the group format. 

Consultation is available to clinicians who are pursuing EMDRIA certification or are interested in additional case consultation. I am not able to provide consultation hours required for completion of basic training at this time. 

Please use the link below to register for group consultation. 

Please email Emi directly at for individual consultation. 

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